Rely on Titan Carter...

From design to installation, we offer the best in spectator seating.

We recognize that every customer has different ideas and specifications for spectator seating. Titan Carter collaborates with architects, engineers and facility managers to fit the seating system to the venue. We support our custom installations with a rugged, yet simple understructure designed for durability, ease of operation and safety features that far exceed government standards.

We use ingenious and versatile technology in our telescopic platform seating, offering optimum solutions for multi-use facilities. With the need to accommodate larger numbers of spectators, students or audiences, our seating systems are designed to be practical and adaptable to just about every facility.

The Titan Carter Difference

We regard every installation as unique, which means Titan Carter Custom Platforms customizes spectator seating to fit your facility and suit your requirements – all backed by exceptional service. From fully-welded attachment points to interlocking frames and custom finishes, our seats have a reputation for flawless performance.

With our focus on clients, we have earned a solid reputation based on uncompromising quality, on-time commitments, total reliability and consistent performance in everything we do.

We have access to manufacturers and suppliers that have built an international reputation for flexible, safe, reliable and comfortable seating.

Our seating systems are designed to be practical and adaptable to your facility. Titan Carter works closely with building managers, architects, contractors and engineers to ensure their facilities have the best spectator or audience seating available.

Titan Carter is not limited to only standard finishes for wood, laminates and fabrics. Titan Carter has the resources to source a full range of finishes in laminates to different wood species, (solid and veneers) and fabrics from around the world. If the client wishes to match the finishes in the room, Titan Carter can easily source the finishes to enhance the entire aesthetics of the room.

Who We Work With

• Facilities consultants
• Officials representing school boards, colleges and universities
• Municipal officials and boards

Safety is our first priority

Our goal is to meet and even surpass building codes and regulations that govern spectator seating and sports equipment.
All of our products are expertly-engineered, while the Titan Carter Platform Systems' staff ensures equipment meets our own standards of safety, durability and flexibility.

Case Study


Savannah Cultural Center

When the management of this arts center in the historic city of Savannah wanted to increase their space utilisation and, ultimately, their income, they turned to Titan Carter for help. Read more...